About Book Webcasts

Book Webcasts was conceived in the summer of 2009 when an author friend, R. Duane Willing mentioned an experience he had in a book store. He said a woman was reading her book via Skype and webcam. She was doing a book signing event via webcast.

This inspired me to see if this could work as a method of promoting the works of other authors.

So now the story begins…

Since it’s inception, the idea was to help authors of books and ebooks to promote their projects via webcasting, be it audio or video. However, over the last few months I have considered there needs to be more resources outside of webcasting, to give more value to you, the visitor (author).

So I am going to be adding some tools and resources to give you a a renewed marketing edge.

Who is…

Bernie Landry site creator?



A nice guy in my 50’s. I have the very best partner a man could have and between us we have 4 children (+ their better halves) and 3 grandchildren.

Live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Planet Earth, Milky way Galaxy… (OK, OK.. on a more serious note!)

Over 25 years multimedia experience. Produced audio and video for:

  • radio
  • television
  • corporate videos/audio
  • documentary films
  • phone systems
  • satellite broadcasts
  • web casts
  • websites
  • Designed and maintained websites for 10 years.

    Narration and Voice-over for webcasts, CD,s and Phone messaging.

    I can be reached by filling in a quick form.

    PS: I detest Spam. Never have and never will sell, rent or give away any of my contacts information!