Promote Your Book Before It Is Published

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In the last post we looked at creating a webcast event.

Now question number 1 is “If I am writing a book what do I create an event on?”

Here is a short list:

  • An event to create buzz for your book
  • Doing a virtual book tour
  • Showing how you came up with the book
  • Relating to current events

Here is a video where Isabolla Jade explains how she created some buzz and generated some press coverage.

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How to do a webcast event

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It has been a long break on holidays and now it’s time to get things going.

If you have been on a bit of a vacation as well (for real or mentally) it’s a good time to make things happen and start the ball rolling again.

So to get us back in the spirit of promoting our book(s) and building a readership, here is a link to some free pdf ebooks on creating a webcast event.

Then we will look at webcasting as a powerful book marketing tool.

On the next blog I will show you how this applies to book promotion and audience generating.

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