Before You Do A Book Webcast, You Need To Promote

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To attain some level of success with your book, you need to market and promote your book regardless of having a publisher or self-published.

It should be no surprise that you must start promoting before you have even finished your book.

So step one is do you have a list? (if you have at least 2 friends you have the beginnings of a list.

Where do you generate a list….

Social media is the easiest and best place to start.

When I was at a clients office the other day I was introduced to an associate of his that said, “Facebook. Twitter. That stuff doesn’t work. There’s nobody seriously using that for business!”

Think again…

Social media is becoming the preferred method of communicating. It is becoming a key part of the majorities life-style and it is pretty much universal.

So think of social media as you, an author, having a number of broadcast channels. (You know, radio, TV, etc.)

Now you have a book and what is it you want your future readers to know?

How will you interact with them?

More about list building in the next entry.