Ben Franklin – A Self-Publishing Blue Print

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Benjamin Franklin was the king of self publishing. Not to mention a marketing genius, student of success, entrepreneur and passionate about everything he did.

If there is no known vehicle to promote yourself, you create one. (The first Magazine and newspaper). Self-published.

How did he get his message out to promote his works?

He published a yearly book called “Poor Richard’s Almanac”. Isn’t that what we do when we blog, create articles and webcasts on a regular basis?

He studied success by forming a group of 12 men that would meet together and share or ask advice in a social style group of like minded people. Sounds a bit like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, etc.?

Passionate. Aren’t all writers?

Now don’t get me wrong, there is still no better or more human way to build relationships than in person, but don’t neglect the online message spreader. Just use it to build relationships, not to sell.

With good honest relationships you get the benefit of people recognizing you for what you are and do. They will buy because of what you are and have.

So like Ben be passionate about your book and create your avenues of self-promotion. Don’t be shy, let the world know what you have… After all you have something they need.

Don’t you?

Here is a video clip from Steve Harris.
The Most Influential and Successful Authors of Our Time.

How To Get The “On Air” Mindset

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If you are a self-published author and I ask you if you have a fear about doing a live webcast, what goes through your creative mind?

Most writers I speak with love the idea of doing a live webcast. However, 2 fears raise their ugly destructive heads.

What is he so excited about?

What is he so excited about? What's in that box?

  • What if I fumble and look foolish? How will I appear to my audience? (And many other thoughts that I am sure would be the basis for a horror-comedy novel. These are writers!). And…
  • What if no one attends?

Read more…

Some Ideas For Marketing Your Book

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I spend a bit of time during the week in transit. So, I load up my mp3 player with a few podcasts.

One of the most useful and content rich podcasts on book writing and publishing comes from Joanna Penn at the Creative Penn . She has written/published a few books and shares her research experience on her blog.

Joanna Penn - The Creative Penn

Joanna Penn - The Creative Penn

Here is a great article entitled “Marketing Your First Book: 9 Tips For Authors “.

If you consider her first point, “Get an audience before the release”, ask yourself the following:

What social media am I using? (How many fans, followers, etc… do I already have?

Do I have a blog? (Are people reading it)

Do I have a mailing list?

Am I marketing with articles, press releases, email newsletter?

Have I been giving out promo flyers or business cards with (printed) direct links to more info about my up and coming book? (remember offline marketing?)

Podcast? webcast? Youtube?

There are so many possibilities for self promotion these days, what are you using?

Promoting Examples Can Generate Ideas

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Here are a few items to give you some ideas about online webcasts and promoting your book:

Gaithersburg book festival to draw on local authors

This is an article about a town and its surrounding region organizing a book fair. Does this give you any ideas for organizing or partticipating in a book fair?

Here is an example of a book reading done with a webcast’ It is an excerpt of Scott Heim’s novel ‘Mysterious Skin’ (1995) as read by Brady Corbet, who played Brian in Gregg Araki’s 2004 film adaptation.

Join acclaimed author Stephanie Cowell virtually on a live webcast as she presents and signs her new novel CLAUDE AND CAMILLE (Crown). Sit back and enjoy the livestreaming against the backdrop of mythic art at the Kris Waldherr Art and Words gallery in Brooklyn on Friday, April 16 at 7:15 p.m. ET