Model and Entertainment Release

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If you are going to hire or have other people in your webcast or video, a release form is a good thing to have to protect yourself legally.

Law Depot website for free legal forms

Law Depot website for free legal forms

Now, I am not a lawyer, so please read the Legal FAQ to be sure what you are using.

If you pay a monthly fee of about $12 you can speak with legal customer support.

Now if you wish to check this out goto The Law Depot

Then click in the upper menu on “Consent, Release and other documents” and select “Model and Entertainment Release”.

When I did corporate videos in the late 80’sand 90’s, we always had interviewees who were not working for the company sign these types of agreements. (The employees signed waivers prior to shoot with an HR person of the company).

This is to protect you later with people who agree verbaly and change there mind later.

Promoting Your Book… DIY Part 1

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Promoting your book as a first time self-publisher, you would naturally have a list of questions.

Don't give up just yet

Don't give up just yet

I know I still do, so as I put this list of self-publishing concepts, strategies and “How to” resources, you get to share it with your friends and fellow writers.

So without further delay here is Part 1…

Where To Start Promoting Your New Book Release gives us a simple list. Marisa Chenery has given us a few points of what she uses as promotional tools.

Matilijapress is performing a survey on what writers are doing to promote their books. This survey is only good until March 10, 2010

Social networks can provide an ideal platform for budding authors looking to bring their brand to the masses. 5 tips for promoting your book with social media by Jesse Stanchak gives you an overview to “getting started using Twitter and other social media”.

If you have any resources, questions or thoughts, please comment

A Webcast! Who Would Come?

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The question I get most often is, “If I do a webcast to promote my book who would come?”

Here it is in plain English…

No audience, then no one attends!

Now if you don’t already have a target audience developed or…

you wrote your book based on passion and never did any market research…

Here’s where to start:

1) List the books that would have a similar audience as the one you are promoting. Ask yourself: Who is buying these books? Where on the internet do they hang out? (Look for forums, discussions and blogs where they add comments and participate)

2) Write some articles that relate to your topic and post them on
(if you don’t already have an account there, just sign up and get started.)

3) If you don’t already have a blog get one. (free at And start blogging on a consistent basis.

4) Direct them to a list building service and build your email list. (This requires a bit of knowledge to setup and get going, I use Aweber, as well as, a server based list server function)

5) Get on and use social media (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

This is just a quick bullet point version, but the theme is… Build an email list.