Do you need a Blog?

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Many writers ask “Do I really need a blog?

1) 1st ask yourself, “Who has the most to gain from the selling of my book?”

2) Who is responsible for promoting the book? (Note: Publisher is primarily promote their interests… their publishing company)

3) If it is me that has the most to gain, how can I create a blog, how is it different from writing an article or book,  and where do I get a steady flow of ideas to make it a useful and interesting to my audience.

Here are 12 tips for creating ideas  for your blog.

More on blogging tomorrow


Dealing With SEO SPAM

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I have created websites for writers, authors and an online newspaper. These “content creators” have asked me on several occasions, “I have received an email from an SEO company that claims they can get me to the top of the search engines. Is this for real?”

  1. SPAM is SPAM. If you did not give them your permission to send you email, then it’s SPAM.
  2. You will notice in most cases these emails are missing an email address with the domain of the SEO company in  it. (that would be the domain name appearing after the “@”. ex: if the url of the company is, the email should be
  3. If these people are so good at SEO, why do they have to SPAM? You would think they would be at the top of the search engine for SEO and therefore would have so much business, why would they be looking for more?

DO NOT RESPOND TO THESE EMAILS (for your own good, answering to SPAM brings more SPAM. Kind of an un-written law like… the law of diminishing returns)

I Hope this helps.


Intersting Links For Authors and Publishers

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Here are a few interesting links to do with publishing…

– This is a growing open architecture for vending and lending digital books over the Internet. A great way to distribute your books online to various ebook formats.

– A blog with assorted case studies/stories about book stores, authors and the like.

Free Webcast: How to Land Copy Editing Work in Today’s Marketplace – a free webcast that will atempt to answer this question. I guess this would be a sort of Book Webcast about copy editing. WHEN Tuesday, January 26, 2-2:40 pm ET.

Do you know of any upcoming book related webcasts? Leave a comment and I will include it in the next post (if it is pertinent)


It has been a while

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I am finally back after a small break. My mom passed away on Dec 12th and after that, well… there was the holidays (Christmas). Stay tuned as some new info, ideas, etc., coming up. B