What Does Your Webcast Say About You?

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How you look and present yourself on a webcast is very important in how you will be perceived. If it’s the first time a viewer hears and sees you, it’s there initial lasting impression of you.

So here are a few key factors to keep in mind:

  • The look of your video set (if a video webcast)
  • The quality of the audio
  • How you look
  • How organized you are
  • How prepared you are when handling questions

All these and more determine how your audience feels about you and your credibility.

Here is a promo page to a webinar that covers this a bit more. This overview touches some of the key points about presentation. Just being aware of these points will help your performance.

Click here to visit the “what-does-your-webcast-say” promo page.

If you go to the Sonic Foundry Webcasts page, you can see many examples of high-end webcasts.

Click here to view the Sonic Foundry Webcasts page.

Now don’t get nervous, there is high-end and then there is quality based on K.I.S. (Keep it simple) + good content = webcast success.

You can make an effective quality webcast… on a “these-are-hard-times” budget.

More to come.


What About Video Production Quality On Sharing Sites?

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Quite often the top videos on the video sharing sites are not really of good quality. (Audio and/or visual).

Does this mean that anything goes?

I believe it is a question of balance. Content verses production value.

For example if the content is of high value by your audience then the lower quality will probably be forgiven by the same audience.

If the the content is of no great value, and the production is high, then who really cares?

Now in certain cases a low production quality video depicting something shocking, comical, discusting… well it gets viewed by many people, but are they really interested in your book? Possibly… if the video is related to the subject of the book.

So the question is what kind of video can you create (low-production maybe) that will shock (draw attention) and be related to your book (good relative content)?

Here is a video clip on an interesting point of view about production quality.

PS: Production Quality refers to professional lighting, HD Camera, and separate microphone (high-end) verses cell phone camera (low end). Of course there are verious degrees of quality in between.

If Margaret Atwood Can Read Online, So Can You.

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I found this on youtube – Margaret Atwood at Prague Writers’ Festival 2008.

What is interesting is the comments about her reading “tone”.

1) barriehomeboy: I think it means like not speaking naturally. akkaaddiinn

2) What do you mean That tone? cassandrajomarie

3) she’s absolutely wonderful, amazing

4) I think she’s a cute woman but why do author’s always have to read in THAT tone? It completely ruins it 🙁 anasghost

5) I agree :S

If you were to read on a webcast, what would you do different? Please leave a comment…