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Here’s a site from Best Selling author Roger C. Parker (Published and Profitable). He offers all kinds of tips and ideas for promoting your book.

Many of these tips are a bit tech oriented in the sense that he talks about site design, and website usability.

Roger also gives tips and help on writing a book.

Published and Profitable

Twiiter, Facebook, etc… Is It Good for Promoting Your Book?

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There is so much emphasis these day on social media (facebook, Twitter, etc…). However, can it help you promote your book?

All these social media sites are a form of networking on steroids. Unfortunately, it can just as easily go out of control and become a time waster if not done for the right reason.

I believe Seth Godin has the right idea. Make your relationships real>


Will your Webcast Give a Good Impression?

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If you are preparing to launch your book with a webcast, ask yourself:
Does your webcast reflect your theme? (the set where you are on camera, the audio ambiance of the room, the BG music, the lighting, the set decor, etc.)

The mode of your webcast overall needs to be congruent and consistent with your project.

And remember, 1st impressions are the ones that are hard to change once they are set.


How to Promote Your Book From Free to Dollars

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Here is an interesting article called “Cory Doctorow’s Experiment in Publishing”.

He has a very “liberal” idea about giving and selling his books. Cory quit his day job as European director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (a charity that works for online civil liberties) in January 2006.

He’s published a new and very interesting article in Publisher’s Weekly where he will be a new monthly columnist.

This is certainly food for thought, if you like to think outside the box. (Sorry for that line, but it’s early A.M.)

Comments on your thoughts about his method would be appreciated.


Here is the link: