Better Live or Better Download?

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Certainly one of the tough choices is when to webcast live and when to use downloadable video and/or audio?

A Live Webcast work best when it’s an event that has interaction. Something like:

  • A teleclass
  • Conference
  • Virtual trade show
  • Interview with Q and A
  • Interactive meetings
  • Timely announcements

Download or “on-demand” video/audio is ideal for portable devices (ipod, mp3 players, etc) and playing directly on your computer at your convenience even if you are not connected to the internet.

Also, there are embeded players. These require that you be connected to the internet, but you can access your video/audio without actually downloading the file. (although it is downloaded as a temporary file, but that’s for a more technical discussion)

The bottom line is this…

Live when it’s an event, On-demand and/or download to accomidate your audience.

However, take advantage of both if (and only if) you do a live webcast that has a need to be live.

Archive the live webcast and offer it as a download and/or embeded player.


Next offering… Re-purposing your webcasts

What is Webcasting?

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A webcast is an audio or video presentation distributed over the Internet.

There are 2 different versions of webcasting:

  1. Live broadcast or “as it happens”. (although there is a delay sometimes as much as 30 seconds before the audience receives the signal)
  2. On demand – In other words the audio or video program iks archived as a file and the audience can play (or download if available) at there convinience.

In the next installment, I will explain the pros and cons of downloadable versus embeded players (playing the webcast online from a flash player. Like you see on youtube.


Redistribute Your Live Webcasts

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Live webcast events have a number of advantages, primarily in the form of redistribution and repackaging your content.
The real benefit is taking advantage of the fact that the main work is already done (the actual live webcast), and that work is then converted into “Virtual P and R machine”.

Here are a few ideas to ensure the extended benefits of the post-event content:

  • CD’s
  • DVD
  • Streaming content
  • Mass distribution through social video sites
  • Support material for live presentations
  • Podcasts
  • Blog and site content

Just to name a few…

Any unique ideas you might have heard of and would like to share?


Here is a look at a live event setup

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Click the play button and get a look behind the scenes of a true webcast.
However, don’t feel intimidated, as this is a high end much more elaborate setup than what you need to promote your book.
But more on this in a day or two.
What is important is to know that the principles of this webcast can be applied in promoting your book.