What Is The Process To Using “Book Webcasts”?

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Things are moving along quite nicely.

So the first question I have been asked is…

What is the process to using a Book Webcast?

It’s really quite simple:

1) Create the webcast script/outline

This could be a reading of a chapter, a Q&A about the book and/or characters or any other cleaver audio/video idea that would generate curiosity in your book.

2) Promote the webcast event

You can use Social Media, Press Releases, Forums, announcement lists, your own list, a pre-promote landing page with sign-up, online classified ads,  online video sites, article directories, etc.

3) Do the event!

Make it fun, exciting, intriguing, mysterious, theme based, …. Use your imagination. Think of it as a party!

4) Did I forget … oh ya! FOLLOW-UP!

Don’t stop now! This is the beginning of book your tour. Like a rock show, go on a virtual road tour.

That’s it for now…

Back in a few double digit hours..


The making of Book Webcast

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This is where it starts

The idea is quite simple.

If you are an author of a book or ebook and would like to promote it, we can help you do it online with a professionally produced audio and/or video and search engine placement.

Stay tuned…